Thursday, May 30, 2013

Phoenix @ L'Album de la Semaine- La Musicale Canal+ , Paris May 30 2013

Phoenix @ L'Album de la Semaine- La Musicale, Canal+ , Paris May 30 2013

Live TV show tonight to promote new album "Bankrupt"

In the middle of their Tour to Promote new album "Bankrupt" Phoenix is playing Canal+ TV show L'Album de la Semaine which is in fact now call "La Musicale". Good point as band are playing a longer set, instead of the 7-8 songs it is now 14-15 songs. Queens of the Stone Age played a couple of weeks ago.
Tonight it's French pop band from the posh Versailles city: PHOENIX. We've never really paid that much attention to that band, we've heard a couple of their songs on the radio but that pretty much about it.
Well, that's very pop, with a very trendy radio-friendly sound, they've found a "formula" and they're sticking to it.They have some very good songs and I'm sure it's very enjoyable attending one of their gig at a festival but in the end it all sounds a bit the same.
One of the best song tonight was the one they've played with just the singer and an acoustic guitar.
Not really the kind of stuff that we're listening to everyday but a good show.