Monday, February 11, 2013

BRAD @ Trabendo, Paris feb 12 2013

BRAD @ Trabendo, Paris feb 12 2013
First time ever that Stone Gossard's side-project BRAD is doing an European Tour and playing in Paris. Don't know where PEARL JAM fans are tonight as it's far from being full and it seems that everyone's on the guest list.
First we have NEW KILLER SHOES An energetic four-piece rock/punk band from England.
Then we have BRAD Featuring Shawn Smith on keys and vocals, Regan Hagar on Drums, Keith Lowe on bass and an additional guitar/piano player (couldn't get his name)
The band is starting the gig with a slow song, We're so close to the stage and the piano that Shawn could put his fingers up my nose while playing. Nice view on the ring of his right hand.
The things are rocking, remember Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam is on guitar but he's not the leader on stage, he stays in his corner almost in the dark for most of the gig only taking the lead vocals for one song.
It almost seems like it's Shawn's band backed with his musicians as he's clearly the center of attention singing and playing the piano or on the mike center stage.

The band has a new album out so we have lots of new songs (see setlist below for details) and we have some of my fave songs from the second album"Interiors" (watch video below).
From piano solo ( for the first encore) to hard rocking songs BRAD has a wide range of different songs including a Rolling Stones cover "Jumping Jack Flash" (that remembered us that the last time ROCKERPARIS was in this tiny 500 capacity club was to see the first show in 5 years from the one and only ROLLING STONES last October.)that can satisfied everyone in the audience.

Great gig, too bad that after the show Stone Gossard avoided all contact with fans by leaving the venue by the backdoor straight to his tour bus while the whole band went to meet fans down the front.