Saturday, August 25, 2012

Placebo + Sigur Ros + Bloc Party + The Shins + Get Well Soon + Citizens + Grimes @ Rock en Seine, St Cloud , August 24 2012

Placebo + Sigur Ros + Bloc Party + The Shins + Get Well Soon + Citizens + Grimes
@ Rock en Seine, St Cloud , August 24 2012


setlist (from Oliver Peel):
01: Vanessa
02: Oblivion
03: Be A Body
04: Genesis
05: Phone Sex
Back in the french capital after some well deserved holidays, it was sunny & hot, we're back and ready to Rock & Roll for a long week-end @ Rock en Seine in St Cloud, just outside Paris.
The line-up on this friday is very poor with no big names or any bands worth waking up for.
Saturday will be a bit better and sunday will be fun with more real rock bands.

Grimes is the first"band" we're seeing as we're making our way to the main site, she's playing on the small stage, we saw her @ Colette store a few months ago, that was fun in a bar but in front of a few thousands people in open air it's less interesting. There's a guy with long air on stage dancing next to her, don't know what this dick is doing here it's ridiculous.
We didn't stay long and went to the second stage to see...
Citizens!: Nice English pop, very 80's sound but enjoyable.
Citizens !

There are lots of things to see @ Rock en Seine; several exhibitions, a big Wheel (that is free),the Park is beautiful with lots of trees, lawn so you can lie down and enjoy the sun...and lots of sexy girls, it's a posh festival compare to any others I've been to, and probably the best location site ever. That was our first walk on the festival site while Asteroids Galaxy Tour was playing on the main stage. Didn't bother...

Get Well Soon

setlist (from oliver peel)
01: I sold my hands for food so please feed me
02: Seneca's silence
03: A voice in the Louvre
04: 5 steps/7 swords
05: Roland, I feel you
06: Werner Herzog gets shot
07: The last days of Rome
08: Listen! Those lost at sea sing a song on christmas day
09: A burial at sea
10: Angry young man
11: You cannot cast out the demons (You might as well dance)

Next on the second stage was German band Get Well Soon with a Symphonic Orchestra, great songs and cool attitude it reminded me of Divine Comedy (Regeneration era) & Radiohead (first era when they were not playing some electro shit).
First time we were seeing them and we thought they were simply great.
Festival site from the TOP !

Didn't care about French rock band Dionysos playing the main stage so we had a walk in the park and went to the Big Wheel, nice view over the festival site and the neighborhood. (Pics above)
The Shins

setlist (from oliver Peel)
01: Caring Is Creepy
02: Australia
03: Simple Song (viel Orgel)
04: Bait And Switch
05: Phantom Limb
06: Rifle
07: Saint Simon
08: It's Only Life (new single)
09: So Says I
10: Kissing The Lippless
11: No Way Down
12: Port Of Morrow

We were having dinner at one of the many restaurants with food coming from France or different part of the world ( Caribbean, Senegalese, Ethiopian, Thai, Tex Mex, Italian, Japanese, Irish...) -not the kind of thing you see at Rock festivals.-We chose a sandwich from Senegal.

so we missed the beginning of the Shins' set on the second stage. Nice discovery: this band has great melodies and songs, cool 60's influenced pop-rock. We're gonna check their albums to see if they sound as good on cd as on a stage.

Bloc Party

01: Octopus
02: Hunting For Witches
03: Positive Tension
04: Kettling
05: Song For Clay
06: Bnquet
07: Team A
08: One more Chance
09: Truth
10: This Modern Love
11: Ares
12: Flux
13: Helicopter

We're not great fans of Bloc Party so we catch the last part of their set on the main stage. The last time we saw them was here @ Rock en Seine a couple of years ago when they announced that OASIS had split and that their show was cancelled. They enjoyed it as the Gallaghers told some naughty things about them, Watch the video HERE. The singer called them "Imbred Twins" That was fun.
The main stage is packed for them.

Sigur Ros

setlist:(from Oliver peel)
01: i Gaer
02: Varúð
3: Saeglópur
04: Festival
05: Hoppípolla
06: Með Blóðnasir
07: Hafsól
08: Popplagið

Sigur Ros from Iceland with a singer with a high and very distinctive voice and he's singing in his native tongue not English with ads a litle something to their set.
Very ambient with some heavy part. Can't remember the last time we saw them... Yes, they were opening for Radiohead in 2000. 12 years ago.

Placebo is headlining on the main stage, they are still very popular over here in France, we used to like them at the beginning of their career, after the 3rd album we stopped as the records were less and less good and Brian Molko is such a dickhead.
Funny to see them after all these years: nice set, better than expected, they've played a new song:"B3".

Even though the line-up was very poor -no big names- we had a very pleasant day, saturday should be (even) better... see ya there.