Sunday, December 4, 2011

Imelda May @ L'album de la semaine, Paris St Denis le 05 Dec 2011

Imelda May @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Dec 05 2011

Cool private show in the Studio 104 of La Plaine St Denis for tv recording of Canal+ L'Album de la Semaine.
We already saw her opening this summer for Brain Setzer @ Grand Rex.
She hasn't changed... maybe the dress, she's wearing a yellow-black stripes dress and top that makes her look like a giant bee. Not the best looking outfit.
Anyway it's nice to hear some vintage 50's rock 'n roll with a good looking female singer with a slightly rock voice.
We were lucky to get an extra encore with a new song at the end that will be be on the next album ( probably called "Mayhem").
Very good set