Friday, November 11, 2011

Paul Anka @ Casino de Paris, Nov 10 2011

Paul Anka @ Casino de Paris, Nov 10 2011

After the Heavy Metal of Metallica & Lou Reed performing 2 songs @ French tv show Taratata, different kind of music with American crooner Paul Anka.
He's only one year younger than Lou Reed but looks 20 years younger.
This guy wrote big hits for Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr even Buddy Holly & Mickael Jackson ("This is it").
He started his career as a teenager in the late 50's and is still active to this day.
Can you believe it ?
The show started nicely with Paul coming from the back of the hall walking through the audience to the stage to the music of one of his biggest hit single "Diana".
He will sing several times during the concert in the middle of the audience as he's always doing.
During this almost two hour show he'll play his own songs, songs he wrote for other artists and a few covers including " Jump" by Van Halen (Here on video) & "Smells like teen spirit" by Nirvana from his record "Rock Swings" which consists of rock covers in a swing way.

The audience is quite older than usual but women are acting like teenagers @ a Peter Doherty's gig.
Lots of welknown songs and catchy tunes, from now and them he's playing quiter songs on piano or on acoustic guitar.
He's also performing a virtual duet with Mickael Jackson and later with Sammy Davis Jr (this time with the video).
For "Times of your life" we have the Kitsch moment with Paul singing this song while pictures of his family (his five daughters and grand-children) are seen on the screen.
He's introducing many songs with a little story about it which is very interesting as he wrote songs for many great artists.
Paul doesn't look his age and seems like a very nice bloke, this almsot two hour concert felt like just an hour.
Just Great !

setlist (not sure if it's accurate as there are songs I don't remember him playing)

"Jump" by Van Halen