Monday, September 26, 2011

Usines & Art en Ivry @ Ivry sur Seine, Sept 24-25 2011

Usines & Art en Ivry @ Ivry sur Seine, Sept 24-25 2011
Ivry sur Seine looks like L.A. ( left), PJ Harvey painting (center), Bunny rabbit in wood (right)

Week-end of modern art for ROCKERPARIS.

Friday night was the Varnishing-day in one of the former factory converted in studio-loft for artists, it's like beeing in Brooklyn or L.A. (check the Palm-tree).
Ivry sur Seine is a shitty industrial town just outside Paris but they have converted lots of factories into lofts, artists are living and working there and I have to say that it's really a cool place to visit even though the area sucks badly

Mathilde Chevrier's frames with sweets (far left), The Studio-Loft (right)

Lots of people this week-end, this is a very popular and recognised event in the art world.
One of our friend Mathilde Chevrier has some of her frames made out of sweets stuck into resin on display in one of the studio. Click on link to check her work.

Cédric Delsaux Pics

We've also discover a more established artist Cédric Delsaux who's taking pics of industrial & building landscapes and for some of them is mixing robots and spaceships from Star-Wars into them.
The result is amazing and "George Lucas-approved".