Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday afternoon @ Louvre & Vuitton store ...

Louvre : Messerschmidt exhibition
Messerschmidt faces (except far right)

Sunday afternoon the weather's shit, nothing better than visiting the Louvre museum and it's free (every first sunday of each month), it was packed at the entrance, once you're in it's half empty, I guess all these tourists in short were there for Mona Lisa, not us.
We went there for the Messerschmidt exhibition, lots of tortured faces, subtitles are laughable, they were made after the faces were dicovered. It's made of steel .A must see.
Of course that's the only part where you CAN'T take any pictures.
Then we had a walk around the museum in the sculpture department : Fantastic

happy faces...not : Death

Made of laces & bras @ Vuitton store

Then we went to the top floor of the Vuitton store at the corner of the Champs Elysées and GV Avenue for some (shitty) modern art. This top floor with art is only an excuse so that they can open on sunday. The only good thing was these things hanging out made of bras and laces.
First we had a drink at the nearby GV hotel for a hot chocolate then we went to the restaurant @ Café Constant and we had a table next to actors Matthew McConaughey , Ryan Philippe and Amanda Seyfried who were in Paris to do promo duties for their next movie (i've been told).
Great day away for Rock'n Roll !

Vuitton shop window & billboards for Kubrick exhibition & Joan Baez's gigs