Monday, April 4, 2011

Horse Feathers @ Oliver Peel session, Paris April 4 2011

Horse Feathers @ Oliver Peel session #36
Paris April 4 2011
Horse Feathers

Another Oliver Peel session but this time on a monday night, nice way to start the week.
Horse Feathers from Idaho is playing, they've done a gig yesterday @ Café de la Danse (check review here).
Lots of Americans @ Oliver's and some familiar faces.
Only one band, remember it's only monday, don't know if the neighbours would agree with 40 people stomping, talking, shouting, we can't party all night long.
Very cool set with this 4 piece country-folk band. Acoustic guitar, banjo, violin, cello and... saw so all the songs were very different from one another.
Some of the beautiful people

As always lots of beauties in the audience, some "quiche" courtesy of Michael and lots of booze to go with.
Wild party as we even had a couple trapped in the tiny elevator, we left before they were delivered, hope they didn't do any naughty things in there !!!

Beauty of the session (center)

Love in the elevator !!!