Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bewitched Hands @ Paul B, Massy , April 1 2011

Shout Out Louds + The Bewitched Hands @ Centre Paul Bailliart
Massy, April 1st 2011

Shout Out Louds

Thanks to Fabien , who invited (and drove) us to this gig 25 kms south of Paris in the middle of nowhere in Massy we went to see The Bewitched Hands.
Beautiful concert hall in the middle of upper class council houses.
Opening Swedish band Shout Out Louds is starting pretty late (after 9:00pm) for a 55 min show.
Heavily influnced by The Cure, for the vocals at least, Shout Out Louds is playing a great pop-rock with nice melodies.A little bit of Arcade fire is thrown in too.
The singer ended the set singing in the pit as there was a huge gap betwen the stage and the first row, were people afraid ?
Nice discovery for us.


The Bewitched hands

We already saw The Bewitched hands @ L'Album de la Semaine last November.
Very cool rock band between The Pixies, Brian Johnstown Massacre or Grandaddy.
French band but they're singing in English.

Too bad there wasn't too many people , less than 200 even though it's friday night.
They've done an hour long set.
A couple of videos "Out of myself", "Birds and drums".for ya to enjoy !

"Smell the glove"