Sunday, March 20, 2011

True Live @ L'Album de la semaine Canal+, Paris March 21 2011

True Live @ L'Album de la Semaine Canal+,
Paris March 21 2011 8:30pm

Soul Jazz Hip-Hop Australian band True Live is promoting their brand new album before visiting France with many gigs in March-April.
One drummer, 2 cellos, one violin, piano and singer, strange instruments to play Hip Hop, just imagine N*E*R*D ( the early one before they started doing shit) playing with classical instruments and you'll get a taste of what they're playing.
Unusual but very interesting.
After listening to the songs you'd expect some black dudes , no they're white in their 30's and looking like record company executives trying to dress cool.
Not sure why the record Cie picked up "Something to be" as single as it's far from being the best song ("Damn Right"'s better and has a real Hook)

Correction : Miles Kane from the Rascals and last Shadow Puppets will play L'Album de la Semaine on march 28.