Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gang of four @ Trabendo, Paris March 18 2011

I know, we're a bit lazy these days, we haven't been out for a while but we're still here to inform you.

SETLIST corrected: (courtesy of Oliver Peel, check his site for review, Pics & more)
01: You'll Never Pay For The Farm 02: Not Great Man 03: Ether 04: I Parade Myself 05: Paralysed 06: A Fruitfly In The Beehive 07:(Love Like) Anthrax 08: It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good 09: What We All Want 10: Why Theory? 11: We Live As We Dream, Alone 12: To Hell With Poverty! 13: Do As I Say -Encore 1-14: I Love A Man In A Uniform -Encore 2- 15: At Home He's A Tourist 16: Damaged Goods