Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bijou SVP @ Café des Beaux Arts, Paris March 30 2011

Bijou svp played a small gig just by the river Seine in front of the Louvre Museum, on the left bank in this beautiful bar next to the beaux Arts and a couple of streets away from where Serge Gainsbourg used to live.
The bar is packed with many of their friends, including famous photographer Tony Franck who was the "official" photographer for Serge Gainsbourg and many other french artists.
Can't really say it's Bijou as there's only the bass player (& singer) left from the original band but we had a great time, they've done many Serge Gainsbourg covers plus a couple of their own songs.
They have a "long" history with Serge as he wrote lyrics for them and they invited him to play with them on stage in the late 70's for a whole tour as a guest on some songs which gave him the force to perform on his own later, as Serge was terrified of playing in front of an audience.
They've played for an hour, great loud & heavy bass sound.
Nice time out ! Cool people there and a few pretty girls