Saturday, December 26, 2009

Slash's solo record out in April in Europe

Slash's debut solo record featuring many guests musicians will be release in April in Europe via Roadrunner records.

"Slash" will see Roadrunner Records enter into a unique and innovative association with a U.K. media partner — the special-interest media group Future. In a brand new concept in record distribution, the standard album release will be preceded by a "Fan Pack," in which the Roadrunner Records album will be bundled together with a highly collectable, 132-page special issue of Future Publishing's Classic Rock magazine dedicated to Slash's career. This will be the first format of the album available anywhere in the world.

In other news:
  • Heaven & Hell will be back for shows in Europe this summer with a festival already planned (High Voltage Fest) in London @ Victoria Park on July 24th (or 25th) , ZZ TOP and ELP are headlining the Festival.
  • Radiohead will start recording in January
  • The Kinks about to reform
  • Jimmy Page will be performing in China next spring.The celebrated Led Zeppelin guitarist is to be on the bill for a globally televised event called Show Of Peace. This happens on April 17 at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. There is also an autobiography out next year ( Pics by Ross Halfin) and a new tour feat. new music by Jimmy
  • The Big Four bands of thrash metal are to play on the same bill! Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will all share the same stage for the first time EVER!“Look for the four of us at the Sonisphere shows in Warsaw, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic on June 16 and 19, 2010, with a few more of the festival dates still in the works. You can be sure these shows won’t be the only ones.”