Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rammstein @ Paris Bercy Dec 9th 2009

Rammstein @ Paris Bercy
2nd show Dec 9th 2009

Dead Babies / Foam

After the radio session with The Budda Cakes , Mathilde and I rushed to the Bercy Arena to catch up Rammstein.
We get there pretty late , the show had already started for 20 min ( around 9:PM ), hard to find 2 empty seats, we were too much on the right ... anyway !
Both shows in Bercy were sold out long ago.

Rammstein's music is very german , like a heavy Metal military march , Wermacht style.
The sound is neat , too neat , really wondering if they are not using tapes especially for the vocals, its so perfect, too perfect

Metal shower

The show in itself is stunning , lots of flames , more flames and more flames !!!
Arthur Brown would be proud.
Sometimes the singer is standing up just in front of these flames , how can he handle it , even from our seats we could feel the heat.

Cool 2 hour set if you're into this kind of music.
Interesting even if you don't like the music, it's a must see.
Sorry for the lousy Pics
... and more Flames !

Gay Pride ?

Merch, Cool posters !