Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PIL @ Brixton Academy Dec 21st 2009

John here in 2008 with the Pistols in Belgium

As there's nothing happening right now in Paris ( Didn't go to Marilyn Manson yesterday) I thought I could update the site with some shit comin' in from other countries everyday.
Here it is from my mate Ray's gigs from old London town:

John Lydon
's Public Image Lted reformed to play a 2 shows including yesterday night's Brixton Academy show + Electric ballroom show tomorrow (Dec 23rd).

Only 3500 people out of 5000.
People with unused tickets for Brixton will gain entrance to the Electric Ballroom gigs which shows that this gig is far from being sold-out.

Line up :
John Lydon: Vocals, Lu Edmonds: guitars, Bruce Smith: Drums , Scott Firth: Bass.

Setlist :
Public Image / Careering / This Is Not a Love Song / Poptones / Albatross / Tie Me To The Length Of That / The Suit / Death Disco / Four Enclosed Walls / Flowers of Romance / Psychopath / Disappointed / Warrior / USLS 1 / Banging The Door / Chant / Bags / Memories / Annalisa / Religion / Encore : Sun / Rise /Open up.

Band onstage for 2h10 min

Here's a video from the show: "RISE":

In other news : Peter Doherty has been arrested for Heroin possession a couple of days ago in England.