Friday, July 3, 2009

Peter Von Poehl @ Institut Suedois Paris july 3rd 2009

Peter von Poehl + Olle Nyman
@ Swedish Institute Paris July 3rd 2009

The Swedish Institute is organising festivities to celebrate the Swedish European Presidency.
Tonight is free event in the gardens of the Swedish institute in the Marais district, the sun is shining and there are LOTS of people queuing in the street.
I don't think they expected that many people.More than a 1000.

Swedish artist Olle Nyman is opening the show with his cool Pop-folk. Soulfull voice à la Paul Rodgers. He's on a french label Fargo ( with Peter , Alela Diane , Joseph Arthur... )
Olle Nyman (on the right) & friend

Peter Von Poehl and his band ( 7 musicians: drums , bass , keys ,brass & cello ) all dressed in white are taking the stage at 8:30 PM for a smooth and relax 80 min gig.

I'm not too familiar with his catalogue, another swedish playing pop-folk-rock.
He has a funny way of singing and probably listened to Nick Drake a lot in his youth.
His songs are nice and soft even though he sometimes gets a little crazy with an electric guitar , headbanging a bit.
He's making the effort of speaking in French, I think he's living in Paris.
Nice atmosphere in these gardens in the heart of Paris with lots of beautiful girls , not all swedish, I've also noticed that the cello player is also hot as hell.
I don't think there was a better way of getting into July ( who ? ) with this very bucolic gig.
Peter , nice....

... guitars

The cute Maeva on cello & setlist