Friday, July 3, 2009

Mick Taylor @ New Morning Paris July 2nd 2009

Mick Taylor @ New Morning
Paris July 2nd 2009

Kuma Hurada on bass ( left )

Tonight is a special concert as it's been recorded for a future DVD.

We arrived there early to see the rehearsals, Mick was already drinking and was walking very carefully, he played a couple of songs and went back to his nearby hotel.
He has lost a bit of weight since last time I saw him and has made an effort to dress decently.

A French guitar player ( or by the way he's called Joël Daydé , sorry ) opened the show with a few blues songs on acoustic and electric guitar singing mostly in English and a couple of songs in French.
The guy did a good job but some of Mick fans were calling their idol on stage, morons.
Mick came on stage late ( around 10 PM ) doing strange movements with his arms , had a chat first then took his guitar and started playing " Secret affair" .
He was in high spirit tonight speaking between songs, always with a nice sense of humour.
His guitar playing is far from being as fluent as before, it's like he's playing in slow motion and the voice is sometimes weak. Nevertheless there were some very good moments.
He even took requests ( " alabama" ) as he didn't know what to play next.
He left the stage after 4 songs ( 10 min each ) leaving his guitar player sing the next one : " Burial Ground" .

Complete setlist :
  • Secret Affair
  • Twisted Sister
  • Alabama
  • Losing my faith
  • Burial Ground (without Mick )
  • Blind Willie Mc Tell ( with Bits of All Along the watchtower )
  • Can't you hear me knocking
  • No Expectations
We were lucky to get a Bob Dylan song that he recorded for -Infadels- that wasn't used and ended on a -Bootleg series- called " Blind Willie Mc Tell".
He left the stage after 1H40 Min and came to sign a few cds to fans without forgetting to get a drink at the bar first.

" Can't you hear me knocking"