Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leonard Cohen @ Paris Bercy July 7th 2009

Leonard Cohen @ Paris Bercy
July 7th 2009

On his knees

Back to Bercy for a very different concert than yesterday ( Britney Spears ) , this time we have a real composer & a real singer.
I' m not too familiar with Leonard's catalogue apart from his most famous songs , the place is packed but not sold-out in this all seated arena.
So there's around 12-13000 people.
Leonard is playing over two sets for almost 3 hours.
He has a deep and low voice, he's dressed smartly and is with 7 musicians and 3 girls on backing vocals.
Maybe some songs are sounding the same if you're not too familiar with his songs like I am.

SETLIST ( Courtesy of Leonard Cohen site & 1heckofAGuy )

• Dance Me To The End Of Love
• The Future
• Ain't No Cure For Love
• Bird On The Wire
• Everybody Knows
• In My Secret Life
• Who By Fire
• Chelsea Hotel #2
• Waiting For The Miracle
• Anthem

Second Set

• Tower Of Song
• Avalanche
• Suzanne
• Sisters Of Mercy
• The Partisan
• Boogie Street
• Hallelujah
• I'm Your Man
• Take This Waltz

First Encore

• So Long, Marianne
• First We Take Manhattan

Second Encore

• Famous Blue Raincoat
• If It Be Your Will
• Closing Time

Final Encore

• I Tried To Leave You
• Whither Thou Goest (tutti a cappella)

The best is to , Watch this :
" Suzanne" :

"The Partisan"