Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BB King @ Palais des Congres Paris July 22nd 2009

SEE YOU @ Rock en Seine in August
I'm off to the seaside for a month
Nice holidays to ya all

BB King
@ Palais des Congres
Paris july 22nd 2009

Lucille & BB arriving on stage

3 years , it's been 3 years since BB King last played Paris @ Zénith, tonight we are in the beautiful Palais des Congres and its confortable seats.
We never thought it would happened as he announced last year that he was stopping touring the world.
The band started playing 2 songs without him and BB was introduced , everybody rushed to the stage , he started giving out lots of plectrums to the audience and then started playing on Lucille , well that's not the original , all his guitars are called Lucille anyway.

Giving out plectrums ( left )

With BB , it's a "One man show" and a concert , some people might complain that's he's talking way to much between songs, always telling funny stories or mentionning his age :83 years old ( I don't know why old people are always proud of telling their age ).
He may be 83 years old but he's still kicking ass on the guitar , the sound of his guitar is clear and he still knows how to play it, unlike Chuck Berry who's playing is SO embarrassing.

wwAAaaOOooWwww !!!
BB is a real showman even though he's sitting on a chair for the whole gig.
Lots of hits: " thrill is gone" " everyday I have the blues" ( HERE on Video )... and famous covers including jazz song " When the saints" .
Cool 100 min gig , at the end of the set he shook hands once again with the audience giving out some more plectrums ( I have 3 ) , BB King pins and a necklace to a girl down the front.
He even signed some stuff ( see Pics ).
BB King You are the KING !!!

Funny faces

Who's knocking ?

I LOVE ya all

Shaking hands & signing stuff : ON stage