Saturday, March 7, 2009

Charlie Winston @ Fnac Forum March 7th 2009

Charlie Winston is getting very popular in France thanks to his hit single " Like a hobo ".
This saturday afternoon he's playing a showcase at the Fnac Forum in Paris.
Lots of girls ( 98% ) aging between 14 and 18 , all very beautiful , constantly talking about his tiny little ass ;-)
Anyway , i'm here for the music.
He's playing a nice combination of Pop-Folk with a bit of soul.
He's alternating between his acoustic guitar and his piano, he's here with a drummer , bass player ans harmonica player.
The voice is very good and the cool attitude is lighting the audience. hard to make a move the place is jammed.
After his set, he signed a few cds to fans , the guy seems very nice too.
Cool 30 min+ set.

"Like a Hobo" LIVE :

See ya tonight at The Sisters of Mercy.