Friday, March 20, 2009

BUZZCOCKS @ Trabendo Paris March 19th 2009

BUZZCOCKS @ Trabendo Paris March 19th 2009
All Pictures © Patrice Guino

Sometimes there's nothing to say about a gig.
Buzzcocks just mother-fuckin' burn that place down

From start to finish , faster than a bullet train.

No ballads , no intermission just ROCK 'N ROLL !
The gig of the year for me
Steve Diggle was WILD for the whole set , He would kick Pete townshend out of the WHO
The only thing i can't understand :
Why is Pete Shelley coming on stage in a fucking tracksuit ?
Come on... Man , it ruins everything !

As usual at a" punk" concert it ended with a fight in the audience .
These bloody frenchies can't behave themselves.


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Go Motherfucker GOoooooooo !