Friday, March 6, 2009

Anais @ Fnac Forum March 5th 2009

French singer Anais did a showcase at Fnac Forum store in Paris at 5:30 PM
I happened to do some shopping there so i went to see her as it was not crowdy.
She came with 2 acoustic guitar players and ONLY played 5 songs including a Billy Idol cover.
She has funny lyrics and the music is allright.
Once again as we were making our way in, the security told us "No photos and No recording" and when the girl introduced her she repeated "No pictures whatsover".
Funny how some artists can act like divas.
Hey baby you're not The Rolling Stones... yet.

Oh Yeah , one more thing :
Lynyrd Skynyrd and Whitesnake are playing in Paris in june, prices are betwen 67 and 80 euros for Skynyrd and between 50 & 70 euros for the Snake.

How is that possible ?
You MOTHER-FUCKING SON OF A BITCH of french promoter , everywhere in Europe both these bands are playing for no more than 40 euros.
Gérard drouot productions: You BASTARDS
I feel better now ;-)