Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Popa Chubby & Galea @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ Feb 17th 2009


Another bluesman at Canal+ , after seeing Seasick Steve yesterday , It's Popa Chubby & Galea 's turn to play for the Album de la Semaine.
He's promoting his brand new cd " Vicious Country " so now he has left his blues licks at the cloakroom and has turn into a heavy Tammy Wynett.
has a new band with him featuring Galea on bass and lead vocals plus a drummer and a player that is all over the place
It's surprising to hear him playing some country , there's still lots of guitar ; don't get me wrong , but it's more a band with Popa than Popa solo with backing musicians.
Show started with the classic country song and covered by The Beatles " Act naturally " .
The songs are more laid back than when he was firing on all cylinders with his Jimi Hendrix set.
's even singing one song on her own ( nice haircut too, Dolly Parton would be proud ).
Show ended with a cool "Hey Joe" ( Jimi Hendrix version ) even though they get it right after the 4th time .
Band came back on stage to play 2 songs they were not satisfied with and we had another version of " Hey joe ".
Nice concert.

Popa Chubby is playing the Jamel Comedy Club on Thursday the 18th ( Guest list only ) & Le Plan in Ris Orangis on March 8th.

Other bands playing The Album de la Semaine are :
ALICE RUSSELL : Feb 23th ( English soul )
The Only Ones : Feb 24th ( Cult Punk Band )
Book now call Bertrand on 01 55 93 40 48