Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Franz Ferdinand @ Studio SFR Paris Feb 3rd 2009

Franz ferdinand @ Studio SFR in Paris

The Title says it all
Second show for me today , this one was broadcasted live on french rock radio OUIFM co-sponsor of the event.
They've changed the setlist a bit , the atmosphere was much more rock and so was the band.
This afternoon at Canal+ was like they had played in slow motion compare to tonight's gig.
They fucked it up on a couple of songs but no one cared, the band was much more relax as well.
The place was packed but not crammed , capacity 250 people so they were right in your face.
Once again very good 50 min gig in a lively atmosphere, too bad those bastards from the security prevented people from taking pictures. Fuck'em
Like they did this afternoon the band took the time to meet all the fans that were waiting after the show , signed stuff and posed for pictures.

Oui fm has send a beauty to interview fans outside / setlist
Charming girls & Bob queueing for the loo
Alex dating
Nick surrounded by underage girls !
Paul doesn't seem happy that his drumstick ended in my home