Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The day the music died

The worst thing that could happen to the music has just happened :

Ticketbastard Entertainment Inc and Live Nation Inc will merger soon.

Everybody knows Ticketbastards for charging substantial service fees on its tickets ( one example Led Zeppelin @ O2 : 15 Pounds / 20 Euros Yes sir !). This company also has an almost complete monopoly when selling tickets in some countries ( USA ).

Everybody knows LiveNation ( Former Clear Channel ) they own radios , advertising , venues ,they are promoting concerts and now they are managing bands ( U2 and Madonna ) and are in charge of the merchendising. 360 ° .
Most of all they're pro-republicans ( neo-con ) and supported George W Bush. Remember how Dixie Chicks were axed by Clear Channel for expressing their thoughs on the war in Irak, Which means no radio airplays so you don't sell records if you're not selling records you can't go on tour.
In Belgium they've completely killed the music scene with prices for concert sky-rocketing.

Can you imagine one single company owning radios , promoters , venues , advertising & ticketing ?