Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alice Russell @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ Feb 23rd 2009

Alice Russell @ L' Album de la Semaine

Some of us were lucky to go to Le Grand Journal to see U2 doing an interview and playing 2 songs LIVE , I wasn't ...and i had already booked my evening to see White English Soul babe Alice russell.

L' Album de la Semaine
is the coolest place to see a band live , 150 people seating in stalls just in front of the musicians , can't beat these perfect conditions.

She's here to promote her recent cd "Pot of Gold" , Lots of musicians on the stage : 7 all dressed in white ( black trousers for half of ' em ) plus Alice in black & PINK !

She's playing Soul with Jazz influences , her voice is great, crystal clear for moments and really Rock at others ( as if she had drink a bottle of JD before singing ).
Some might argue well , here's another Amy Whinehouse or Duffy .
First: after hearing Alice Russell i can tell you that Duffy can go back to school. Alice is one league above. But Second :unfortunately she doesn't have the Charisma or the Soul that Amy has.
There's something missing and i don't put the blame on her ( Alice ) but maybe on her musicians , these guys are perfect but when you're playing soul music , you need SOUL .

can't feel any SOUL in them maybe she should add some black musicians to her band.
She did a very good soft version of Gnarls Barkley' s "Crazy" ( and i really hate that song ! ).
She came back for an encore singing an also very good version of The White Stripes' "Seven nation army".
Nice set but could have been better. But don't get me wrong she's worth 10 Duffys.