Saturday, April 19, 2014

Disquaire day with John Densmore (The Doors) & Jim McCarty ( The Yardbirds) @ Paris, April 19 2014

Disquaire day @ Paris, April 19 2014
 Program HERE

First it's JOHN DENSMORE @ Gibert Joseph Barbes for a signing session of his new book @3:30pm
We go to Gibert Joseph store in St Michel @6:00pm

Downstairs:  It's JIM MC CARTY drummer for THE YARDBIRDS doing a 5 songs set to promote his new solo record, he's singing and playing the guitar.
At the same time upstairs JOHN DENSMORE is doing another signing session for his book

There are so many people that John Densmore is having a 5 min break in the middle of the session, so I've arranged that Jim McCarty can meet him while John is having a rest in the office on the mezzanine of the store. Here is the result two exclusive pictures of both drummers together, on your left the drummer for The Yardbirds and on the right the drummer for The Doors
Two very important bands for the 60's that influenced many people one American & one English.
 "Morrison hotel" signed by Robby, Ray & John

Friday, April 18, 2014

John Mayall @ New Morning, Paris April 18 2014

John Mayall @ New Morning, Paris April 18 2014
Legendary Blues man JOHN MAYALL is playing a sold-out concert @ the tiny jazz club New Morning.
First there is the sound check, he's putting his own setlist on his keyboard , then he's setting up the merchandise table (on his own) with a nice stole and cardboard that he probably designed himself so that it looks good. He's doing everything...
He has a couple of interviews for France 3 tv and for Soul Bag blues Magazine.
Then before the doors opened he's going to the merchandise table to welcome customers... well in fact to sell his brand new cd, (20 euros straight in his own bag.) and sign it but only the new cd. Don't dare asking him to sign an old vinyl... "After the show only" !
Funny, Never seen that before...he may be 80 years old but he's in charge, he's the boss.
5 minutes before the show he's going backstage.
8:00pm show time, once again he's doing (almost) everything:  singing, playing mouth harp, playing keyboard, many times all three in the same songs.
When he's not doing this he's singing and playing the guitar... nicely.
No need to tell you that the musicianship is high: great guitar player, bass player and drummer.
I mean,  the guy revealed to the world Mick Taylor, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and a few others...
Lots of great blues songs,  some of his own but mainly covers including a great 10 min rendition of jazz song "California".
Not only he plays Keys, guitar and  sings he's also the MC introducing the musicians and each song -which is very helpful to write down the setlist ;-) -

The amps are still red hot that the whole band is going to the merchandise table to sell more cds, each musician has his own. You're allowed to have your old vinyl sign this time.

I guess that the best way to have things done perfectly is to do it by yourself and that's what JOHN MAYALL is doing every night.
SETLIST: 1) Dirty water, 2) Big Time Playboy 3) Oh Pretty Woman 4) Gimme one more day 5) Some for Something 6) A special light 7) This one will disappear 8) Help me 9) Have you heard about my baby 10) California  // Encore 11) Howling at the moon

Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jean Louis Aubert @ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris Avril 16 2014

Jean Louis Aubert @ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris Avril 16 2014

Jean Louis Aubert is promoting his brand new album  Aubert chante Houellebecq, Les Parages du vide. He was being interviewed but in fact not really as he kept on talking... and talking about the genèse of his latest record.
Basically everything he said is here on this site (In French).He then stayed to sign stuff, that was badly organized with people who arrived first got in line...last, and as Jean Louis took his time with each fan -which is a nice thing- it took ages.
Arrived just before 5:30 and left after 7:30 pm

Friday, April 11, 2014

Eumir Deodato @ Pan Piper club, Paris April 11 2014

Eumir Deodato @ Pan Piper club, Paris April 11 2014
2-4 Impasse Lamier
75011 Paris
M° Philippe August (Just in front of the Pere Lachaise )
 Famous Brazilian Pianist, composer, arranger & producer is finally playing in Paris, 3 years after his last concert at the tiny Duc des Lombards jazz Club.
This time he's playing a club I've never been to, just in front of the Pere Lachaise cemetery - where Jim Morrison is resting for eternity- in a small and very quiet street, feels like being in the country side.
The huge club is brand new and stunning with a Conference room and a restaurant, very nice place.
Eumir has worked with many famous artist from Franck Sinatra, To Bjork, Kool & The Gang, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and many others even our own French singer Christophe.
He released hist first album in 1972 "Prelude" that was massive 'hit' thanks to his nice rendition of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" from Richard Strauss that is opening the concert tonight in a short version (see video below).
The set consists mainly of songs from his first two solo albums that were huge success at the beginning of the 70's. Most of the songs are lasting between 7 and 10 minutes (100% instrumental songs) with each musicians taking a solo spot. Musicianship is high and you can see Eumir directing his musicians with his fingers or nodding with his head as they're playing.
Should have been two sets but as he was telling the audience he was about to take a 10 min break people asked him to keep on playing, so he obliged.
90 min+ of groovy funky (even if he doesn't like this word to be used for his music) songs
great encore with Steely Dan's "Do it again".

Eumir Deodato @ Duc des Lombards, Paris in 2010
Previous show was at the New Morning in 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brian Jonestown Massacre + Nick Waterhouse + Mustang @ Live Me Do , France Inter, Paris April 09 2014

Brian Jonestown Massacre + Nick Waterhouse + Mustang @ Live Me Do , France Inter, Paris April 09 2014

 Nick Waterhouse

Recording @ Radio France for "Live Me Do" with dj Valli, it will be broadcasted on saturday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm.

Almost the first one to get in, good it's gonna be first row or the second... Shit ! No ! as I'm making my way into the 200+ capacity studio I can see that almost all the seats are taken by 12 years old kids  ! Where are they coming from ? and why ?
Lots of people were queuing outside and I'm pretty sure only half of them could make it inside.

Nick Waterhouse and his 8 musicians are starting the radio show with 2-3 r&b- jazz-soul songs. Nice songs, Nick looks like a good mama's boy ( nice hair cut, glasses, beautiful shoes, white shirt ), he's answering questions very politely but it's lacking a bit of "soul", very nice tough but too polish.

Then we have french 60's vintage rock band Mustang, singing in French (well...) but with funny lyrics about girls which had the kids in the audience laugh. Their parents are probably telling them NOT to use some words and they are hearing "Bitches" & "sluts" live on the radio...
Last song is an Elvis' over (in English)
Brian Jonestown Massacre feat. Anton Newcombe

 Last but not least we have the BJM or Anton Newcombe and a friend on acoustic guitars, I guess it was too expensive to travel with 7 musicians for the promotional duties.So he's on his own ( with a little help from a friend) for 3 Folk songs.
He gain a bit of weight but he's very relaxed, it seems that he's now drug/booze free and living in Berlin-Germany with his wife and newborn kid. A pleasure to hear him singing and playing and answering questions from Valli, thanking technicians for their hard work. Even Anton is becoming a good boy