Sunday, March 23, 2014

"On the road again" Feat. Henry Padovani, Dick Taylor @ Divan du Monde, Paris March 24 2014

"On the road again" @ Divan du Monde, Paris March 24 2014

free show, invit' only

Feat. Henry Padovani, Dick Taylor, Roya Arab & Kathy Mendonca

Concert exclusif "On the Road Again" !
Le premier guitariste de POLICE, Le premier bassiste des ROLLING STONES, La première chanteuse d'ARCHIVE, La première batteuse de GOSSIP, 4 musiciens au parcours exceptionnel, qui forment un groupe exceptionnel. Henry Padovani (ex Police), Dick Taylor (ex-Rolling Stones), Roya Arab (ex-Archive) et Kathy Mendonca (ex-Gossip) jouent pour un concert EXCLUSIF au Divan du Monde le 24 mars à 19h00. 

Un concept à la con: 4 musiciens qui ont quitté leur groupe trop tôt avant le succes, on fait un groupe avec et on voit ce que cela donne. Le tout sponsorisé par une marque de voiture...
Putain, ils ne savent plus quoi inventer !!!
on verra lundi soir
Hard to believe what I saw tonight, it's a free show and it's loaded with people, the balcony is closed, only for VIP's, people are having a blast.... What ?!?
First song is Canned Heat's "On the road again" that's the name of the band/reality-tv-show sponsored by a American Car brand that I won't name. The concept behind this band : take the musicians who left their band before  it became successful and make a "super-group" out of it. With rehearsals recorded and etc... for a reality show on French TV.
By listening to the first song , easy to hear that the band should have rehearsed a bit more, then they are playing a few more covers (Beatles, Lou Reed's "Vicious" , The Doors). 6-7 songs in all including a second version of "On the road again". Everything is recorded for that TV show.
The drum parts are kept to a minimum (not a great drummer, specially after seeing Carmine Appice in the very same club one week before) and the singer is lousy. 
No disrespect to Henry Padovani (who I saw playing with his own band @ Gibus) and Dick Taylor (who I saw with the Pretty Things) and both band were great but the guys are probably desperate for cash for playing in such a reality show-band like this. 
I've seen cover bands in bars much better than this.
Luckily there are some pretty girls in the audience , the only satisfying point that evening.
This is ridiculous and embarrassing. What went through their heads ?