Saturday, June 22, 2013

TWISTED SISTER @ Hellfest in Clisson, June 21 2013

TWISTED SISTER @ Hellfest in Clisson, June 21 2013

Second time that TWISTED SISTER is playing the Hellfest, last time we were there, in 2010,(check our review) and they probably did the best show of the whole Festival.
Glad that they're back this year and, ain't it funny, KISS is also back this year 3years latter. Kiss is playing on saturday.

Great start with "You can't stop Rock'n Roll", the weather is sunny after we had a few showers, sound is awsome.
Good too hear some real Rock'n Roll after all these useless heavy Metal bands.
The audience is wild with some old geezers and some youngsters too , all singing the lyrics to everysong like one big family.
The band is kicking ass and Dee Snider, running like an animal, has a strong and clear voice.
With a great showmanship and a few jokes , TS wan the audience over with the best performance for the whole day.Dee even joked about it.
" We're not gonna take it" had the audience singing the chorus like one man, there's a link to a great video below so you can feel the atmosphere, too bad the video is cut before the reprise.
Can't go wrong with all those fantastic songs, maybe instead of doing a 10 min version of The Rolling Stones' "It's only Rock'n Roll" i would have preferred 2 TS songs instead.
Perfect show !
Kicking ass as usual best gig of the day !!!


·  You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll
·  The Kids are Back
·  Stay Hungry
·  The Beast
·  Burn in Hell
·  The Fire Still Burns
·  I Wanna rock
·  It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
Too bad that the Hellfest has changed the running order and TS had to play BEFORE Whitesnake.
What the Fuck !!!