Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Razorlight @ Olympia for Rock the Gibus, Paris April 03 2013

Razorlight @ Olympia for "Rock the Gibus", Paris April 03 2013

 French bands were playing before RAZORLIGHT, I Have to say we didn't really bother watching any of them. So we stayed in the lobby where they have some nice pictures of some of the artists who played in the old Olympia theatre before it was destroyed in 1997 (Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Otis redding...).

Razorlight played very late around 11:00pm just after the jury announced the winner band of the competition.

This version of Razorlight is more rock even though their sound is still a bit "light" to me. They do have some very decent songs and are enjoyable to listen to.
They've played a couple of new songs that are sounding very unusual with just piano, percussions and saxophone (?!?)
Their short 60mi,+ set ended with their Hit song "America".
Nice behave band in front of a young and well-behaved audience (with lots of young and sexy chicks).

Thanks to Phil S for the tix


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