Wednesday, February 9, 2011

C.W. Stoneking @ L'Album de la Semaine for Canal+, Paris Feb 09 2011 8:00PM

C.W. Stoneking @ L'Album de la semaine, Canal+
Paris Feb 09 2011


Australian artist C.W Stoneking is promoting his second album by playing famous Canal+ tv show.
Two guys on brass, one on stand-up bass , a drummer & C.W. himself on banjo , Steel Guitar & lead vocals.
A mix between delta blues, big band New Orleans jazz & calypso all pre-WW2.
A trip to the deep south (of USA) before the (world) war (II).
Lots of talking between songs to explain what's the lyrics are about but it's hard to understand a bloody word as he has a very thick accent but I'm sure it was funny.
Very good gig, check his single here