Thursday, February 18, 2010

The XX @ Fnac Forum Feb 18th 2010

The XX showcase @ Fnac forum
Paris Feb 18th 2010
Before playing tonight a sold-out @ La Cigale, the talk of the town THE XX are playing a showcase at the Fnac Forum store @ 5:30 PM.
You could get invit from the store a couple of weeks ago on a "first come first serve basis".
Fans are coming quite late but the place is packed ( 300+ people).
All the medias are talking about this band, they've already played in Paris a few times including a first show at Point Ephemere in Oct 2009 (Correction: The first show in Paris was @ Social Club on July 1st 2009 ), they were completely unknown 6 months ago and now their shows are sold-out.
Hard to believe they're so popular considering the music they're playing.
I never heard them before and many friends told me The XX were just great.
Should I trust them ? I guess NOT, It's so lame , You know that here @ Rockerparis we love wild guitars, well... it's not really a guitar band and the minimalism of the music doesn't talk to us at all.
Sorry for the pics once again, it seems that @ Fnac they want bands to play in complete darkness.
I'll try to post a video later


We went yesterday @ Fnac St Lazare to see Micky Green playing a 40 min showcase.
She's gorgeous ( she's a former model) but the music is crap.
He record Cie refused that we take Pics during her set, what a bunch of cunts !