Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Loup @ Black session , C'est Lenoir Paris Feb 22nd 2010

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Le Loup @ Black Session #311, C'est Lenoir
France Inter radio @ Maison de la Radio, Paris Feb 22nd 2010

After watching Field Music confortably seated in the red sofas of the studios 105 with 250 other fellows. We need a small break, technicians need to change the set for Le Loup which is the second bnad to play tonight , this time LIVE on France Inter radio.
Completely different style , this time their music is closer to what Vampire Weekend can do with less African influences but much more dance.
They have a funny little singer whose acting on stage a bit like Tom Yorke ( moving a lot) & singing like Perry Farrell ( with lots of effects on the voice ).
Musically not really my cup of tea

Make your own opinion with this video ( not representative of their repertoire):

Patrice couldn't take any pics but I managed to record this

setlist & bus stop commercial with Muse