Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Field Music @ Black Session #311 C'est Lenoir Paris Feb 22nd 2010 8:00 PM

Field Music @ Black Session #311 C'est Lenoir.
Maison de la Radio, France Inter, Paris Feb 22nd 2010
Tonight is a special night for the Black session as there are two recordings.
First one is @ 8:15 PM with Field Music ( it will be broadcasted next week ) and second one is live on France Inter radio with Le Loup @ 10:00 PM as usual.
OK let's start with Field Music, they are an English band formed in 2004 they have split and then reformed recently , they have a third album out called " Field Music (measure)".
They are classified as an indie rock band but after hearing this black session, iI can tell you that they sound like a young prog. band with some jazz influence though not obvious, the musicianship is high, they'de better be good musicians as the songs are deconstructed with several breaks and rythm changes.
The drummer is also singing and playing guitar, the keyboard player is singing and also playing drums.
Interesting gig
Check them @ Point Ephémere in Paris on April 20th.
Once again it's more and more difficult to take Pics @ Black session, Don't know why ? these bands are for most of them completely unknown, don't they need publicity ?

Bassist & Guitarist + setlist