Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lenny Kravitz @ Paris Bercy, Nov 23 2014

Lenny Kravitz @ Paris Bercy, Nov 23 2014
Lenny Kravitz back @ Paris Bercy, in front of a full house though it's not officially sold-out. As usual lots of very beautiful girls in the audience. We arrived on the site very early but Trombone Shorty played @ 7:00pm sharp.So... too late to see him perform. What the Hell is going on around here ? I've never ever seen a support band playing so early !!! We have some nice seats in the stalls on the right, perfect spot.
Funny stage, it's round with a huge screen in the back that is round as well. Cindy is back on drums, Craig on guitars, Gail Ann Dorsey on Bass + keyborad player and 3 girls on backing vocals.
Lenny is still playing the rock star with nice poses and attitude.
Very long version of "Always on the run" 15 min+ that was really cool, not too sure about the new songs... Show was video recorded.
First part of the show on autopilot then it became very lively and kicking..." Are you gonna go my way" was massive.

First part was ok then it was rockin'...

Sacré lenny , toujours à se la jouer Rock Star, mais c'est pour ça que les filles l'aiment. Ca commence gentiment puis ça monte petit à petit en intensité jusqu'à une superbe version de "Always on the run" de plus de 15 min avec une longue jam. 2 nouveaux titres sont filmés pour une prochaine vidéo. "Are You gonne go my way" , son titre le plus rock, excellent. Comme quoi quand lenny veut , Lenny peut.


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