Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elliott Murphy @ Mairie du 13e Paris, Jan 14 2014

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Elliott Murphy @ Mairie du 13e Paris, Jan 14 2014
1st show of the year 2014 for Elliott Murphy & for ROCKERPARIS, it's an acoustic show with Elliott's band , The Normandy All Stars. Free show in this huge hall within the town hall of the 13th district of Paris. On each sides of the hall there are guge posters with some of the pics of the exhibition Bowie&Friends that is taking place in the next door rooms.Beautiful place to attend a show as you can see on the pic above.
It's it quite full with the die-hard fans down the front .
Elliott Murphy is playing a selection of the best songs from his 40 years+ career, acoustic, it is tonight, or electric, there's no difference when you have good songs.
Nice to start year 2014 with such an artist, we have some extras tonight as Elliott is performing Lou Reed's "Walk on the wild side" and David Bowie's "Heroes".

Original setlist

Lou Reed's "Walk on the wild side": (cut before the end, sorry)

Here's a link to the BOWIE & FRIENDS exhibition @ Mairie du 13e in Paris
free entrance

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