Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Star Riders @ Trabendo, Paris Nov 04 2013

Black Star Riders @ Trabendo, Paris Nov 04 2013

Thin Liz... sorry Black Star Riders feat. Scott Gorham are playing the tiny Trabendo club, where we saw the Rolling Stones last year. Hard to believe it's empty... 200 people max, I guess the promotion for this show was non-existent and the tickets were very expensive (45 euros) for a band that has just released it's first album.
Who cares anyway...conditions were perfect, no one pushing you or obstructing your view and Scott Gorham playing his famous Les Paul, just a few inches in front of us. Can't beat that !!!

It's a classic line-up for Black Star Riders with Marco Mendoza on bass (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Jimmy Degrasso on drums (too many to mention...), Damon Johnson on guitar (Alice Cooper) and Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy) on vocals... and of course Scott on guitar.
Hard not to see that it is a Black Star Riders concert as the name is everywhere : on the drum kit, on a backdrop above the drum-kit, it's painted on the "marshall" amps on each side of the stage.
Sound is loud and clear maybe a bit too loud and the setlist (Pic below) is a mix of the first BSR album and Thin Lizzy songs.
Many of the BSR songs are Thin Lizzy friendly including the first single "Bound for glory". Damon Johnson on guitar is perfect and Ricky' voice is sounding like Phil's.

I guess every Thin Lizzy fans, like we are, all left the venue with a big smile on their face, like we did.
They could have played a few more songs as it "only" lasted 90 min.
Great show !

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