Monday, October 7, 2013

Metallica Masterclass for "Through the never" @ Fnac Ternes, Paris Oct 08 2013 4pm

Metallica Masterclass for "Through the never" @ Fnac Ternes  Paris Oct 08 2013 4pm

It was supposed to be Lars & Robert Trujillo, in fact it's Lars & Kirk. "Masterclass" with Metallica @ Fnac Ternes on the 4th floor (Kids floor).
Surprisingly there's no riot, I mean I was expecting more than a thousand people and there are probably 200 people in this tiny room, security asking people to seat down so that everybody can have a good view. So apart from the heat , conditions are (almost) perfect.
Lots of media down the front and the interview is conducted by the one and only Philippe Manoeuvre from Rock & Folk mag.

Fans are getting a bit crazy when Lars & Kirk arrived but they all behaved themselves.
It looks like Lars is happy to end this promotional trek tomorrow in Spain and he's been talking about this movie for the last 5 weeks and it took two years to make it.
The band financed this project themselves but Lars was reluctant talking about money, he did most of the talking.
Full interview on video available here and the official video from the Fnac store is here.

Next stop is tonight with the premiere with Lars & Kirk @ Grand Rex Theater.

 One hour of question & Answer with METALLICA , well... Lars and Kirk

Nice seeing both of them for an hour of Q/A
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