Friday, July 19, 2013

The Blues Brothers Band @ Trianon, Paris July 19 2013

The Blues Brothers Band @ Trianon, Paris July 19 2013
Steve Cropper is back in Paris, a few months after playing with The Animals @ New Morning club. From the original band there's only The Colonel & Lou Marini.
The Blues Brothers are playing quite often over here, they were @ Enghien les Bains for a free show on July 02 2011, first gig after Alan Rubin's death a month earlier. They also played @ the Olympia theatre on July 05 2008 with guest Eddie Floyd on vocals.

We arrived too late to see opener Mountain Mex, both balconies are full but the pit is pretty empty as we're making our way in, everyone's at the bar , it's so hot in there and the show hasn't started yet.
It's 8:30 when the musicians are getting on stage one by one unannounced to everyone's surprise to start with two instrumentals "Booker T's " Green Onions" and the theme from Peter Gunn before the first singer, dressed up as a Blues Brother with the trademark black hat, sunglasses,white shirt/ black suit makes his entrance for a set of blues and soul covers made famous by the movie to a whole new generation of fans. Only classics are performed (see setlist for details below) and with the addition of a second singer and with the Jack/ Elwood dance routine it's like attending the shooting of the original Blues Brothers movie as both singers are doing a terrific job.
Show is ending with great renditions of Steve Winwood's "gimme some Loving" and the Classic "Everybody need Somebody to love".
Great show !!!
 setlist (above)

"Gimme Some Lovin' "