Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bobby Womack @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris, Sept 27 2012

Bobby Womack @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris, Sept 27 2012

Legendary Bobby Womack is promoting his new album "Bravest man" in France by playing famous Canal+ Tv Show L'Album de la Semaine.
First on stage are the 5 musicians , while they are playing an instrumental that will give the tone of the whole set: a very soft song with a drum machine, some laid back piano and very little bass, percussion & keyboards, Bobby Womack is sitting down next to the audience watching his own band performing.
Then a minder is escorting him very carefully to his stool on the stage, Bobby is looking very frail and wearing big sunglasses as a blind man.
The first song he's singing is an old one from his youth "deep River" he's on acoustic guitar for this one.We're getting new songs tonight arranged by Damon Albarn who's clearly the MC for the set.
It's not Bobby's usual soul stuff.
Songs are very soft with a touch of Drum machine à la "drum & bass" some piano and of course Bobby's voice that is neat.
It looks like Damon's NOT satisfied with something so he's asking to play the songs once again to our delight and Bobby's singing them this time with more conviction.
We have mixed feelings as the new album is more "electro" than soul so it's not really what we were expecting.
Nevertheless we know that we attended something special as it's not everyday that you can see a show by such a legend in such intimate conditions.