Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chris Cornell @ Trianon, Paris june 22 2012

update June 23: with links to videos & complete setlist (I Hope so) & review

Chris Cornell
@ Trianon, Paris june 22 2012
Less than a month after Soundgarden played in Paris @ Zénith (check our Pics & review) and literally blew our brains out with probably the worst sound we have ever heard at a rock concert (well Mötley Crüe was also way too loud) Chris Cornell is back in the french capital, this time for an acoustic show on his own.
It's sold-out and an all seated event.
Chris has barely walked the stage that he's celebrated like the messiah by dedicated fans, many coming from foreign countries.
The first thing that he's doing is to shake hands with the whole first row before touching his acoustic guitar.
The light is kept to a minimum and the sound is clear and not too loud.
Chris is very relaxed between songs and is telling funny stories, interacting with the audience, he's also taking time to get some fans on stage to get their picture taken for his facebook page, he's also introducing his kids (see pic below) & fact it is not really a concert but more of a party with friends.
in between all this he's playing a best of... of his songs in a stripped version, from Temple of the dog to Soundgarden, Audioslave and his solo albums.
Whether it's electric or whether it's acoustic a good song is a good song and Chris has plenty of it.
Hard to believe that when he's telling us that it is the last song he's already on stage for almost two hours.
Glad to see that he dropped his Timbaland shit for the acoustic "songbook". I guess that many remember his awful gig @ Cigale in Feb 2009 promoting his solo album produced by Timbaland.
Chris stayed on the stage After the last song and signed literally everything... cool !
After reforming Soundgarden and now the acoustic set, Chris is back on the right track.
Simply Brilliant
(c) Guino Patrice

  1. Scar on the Sky
  2. As Hope and Promise Fade
  3. Ground Zero
  4. Wide Awake
  5. Disappearing Act
  6. Can't Change Me
  7. Be Yourself
  8. Wooden Jesus
  9. Call Me A Dog
  10. Hunger Strike
  11. Sunshower
  12. Fell On Black Days
  13. Burden in my hand
  14. When I'm down
  15. ScreamLien
  16. Sweet Euphoria
  17. Seasons
  18. Imagine ( lennon)
  19. Thank You (Led Zep)
  20. Finally Forever
  21. Like a Stone
  22. Doesn't remind me
  23. Blow up the outside world--------------encore
  24. I am the highway

signing stuff on stage