Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bruce Springsteen's Press Conference @ Théatre Marigny, Paris Feb 16 2012

updated Feb 17 with official video

Bruce Springsteen
's Press Conference @ Théatre Marigny, Paris Feb 16 2012

Bruce Springsteen is in Paris to promote the new album, yesterday he did press junkets for the European press @ Sony Music HQ.
This afternoon he did a press conference @ Théatre Marigny but we can't really talk about it.

Yeah ! really funny how Sony is handling the promo, Journalists knew he was doing this just a couple of days ago, they 've been told the location of the press Conference after the bus took them from the Sony HQ en route to the theater. And they're NOT allowed to talk about it until the end of the month.
Marketing's misterious ways

Here's an official video from the press conference @ Théatre Marigny

It looks like they did this promo in Europe at the last minute, as Bruce is rehearsing for the Tour, because pre-orders for the new album are very low.
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A little treat for ya all: Bruce & the E Street Band with the late Clarence @ Paris Bercy december 2007,
Christmas time is here again...