Monday, November 14, 2011

"Some Girls" Live in Texas 1978 , private screening in Paris, Nov 15 2011

"Some Girls" Live in Texas 1978, Private screening @ Club de L'Etoile

(Thanks to Doctor Stones) click on poster above for tracklisting and more

We're just back from the screening, well It was the first time I was seeing any live video from this Tour, no questions asked: this tour was smoking !
Technically it's perfect: sound and image are terrific.
Filmed at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, on 18th July 1978.
The band is on top form, including Ian McLagan and Ian Stewart on keyboards ( no close shots of both of them for the whole set).
Much better recorded than Ladies & Gentlemen, funny to see the way people were dressing up back in 1978.
You could imagine that back in those days they were playing arenas, in fact no, as the Fort Worth arena is all seated and no bigger that Brixton Academy.
The only wrong thing is the way Mick Jagger is dressed up (Sneakers, red socks, a kind of leather jogging, a Punk "destroy" with svastiska tee-shirt, a beige jacket and red cap) and the way he's dancing: it's ridiculous.
Apart from this it's amazing, and we haven't seen any of the bonuses.