Friday, March 4, 2011

Fran Healy (Travis) @ Maroquinerie, Paris March 04 2011

Fran Healy @ Maroquinerie
Paris, March 04 2011
Fran Healy , lead singer from Travis has just released a solo album and is playing a low key acoustic show to promote it @ Maroquinerie club where Travis played its first gig in Paris many years ago.
Foley Stewart opened the show but sorry we arrived too late to see him.
Even though it's friday night it's not packed, lots of girls all knowing lyrics inside out to every song.
Just to keep the audience interested Fran is playing one new song then one Travis song and so on...
Lots of talking between songs, some people found it boring , I didn't.
Fran told interesting stories about how the songs were written or other funny ones including one telling how he stole the chords from Oasis' "Wonderwall" for one of Travis' song fearing that Noel might discover it and punch him when they opened for them. He only had a "Nice Fookin' chords, man", plus other ones about Paul McCartney recording with Nigel Godrich ( Here on video, missing the first part sorry).
Oh yeah, by the way Paul is playing bass on his album.
For the last half hour he took requests from the audience, ending his two hour set as he started it: playing acoustic guitar and singing without amplification.
Very cool set

Writing To Reach You
As You Are
Fly In The Ointment
As It Comes
Rocking Chair
Sierra Leone
Love Will Come Through
Selfish Jean
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Slide Show
Flowers In The Window
Fran's gone & Ringo's back

Short story with Paul McCartney + new song: