Friday, January 28, 2011

Angels & Airwaves @ Cigale, Paris Jan 30 2011

Angels & Airwaves @ Cigale
Paris Jan 30 2011

After being @ Oliver Peel session we went straight to the Cigale theatre in the red light district and we were just on time for the beginning of American band Angels & Airwaves.
I don't know if it is sold -out tonight but the pit is crammed and it's hard to find an empty seat at the balcony.
If you don't know this band it is the side project of that guy from Blink 182 so I expected a kind of new power -pop American Punk band and ... absolutely NOT.
First: It's the better than expected. Second : It sounds like a new power pop "Prog" band.
"Prog": Yes sir, like those old geezers of "YES", many atmospheric mid tempo songs and a few faster ones.
The singer has some funny stage moves and has a sens of humour as he introduced the drummer as the best one in the world and that " He (the drummer) shit on John Bonham's grave" Immediately saying that he was joking just in case someone missed the joke.

Songs tend to sound a bit the same in the end but cool show , very short set as they only played for 80 min with no Encore.


Thanks to Miss CK for the tickets xxx