Friday, October 29, 2010

Supertramp @ Paris Bercy Oct 28 2010 Last show of the Tour and Rick's 1000th

SUPERTRAMP @ Paris Bercy Oct 28 2010
Last show for the 1970-2010 Tour
Rick Davies' 1000th

Supertramp is back in Paris just ten days after playing the very same place on Oct 18 (click for review , setlist & Pics).
Nothing new as they did exactly the same show, John Helliwell said the same thing at the same time.
Good show , the best ovations were for Roger's songs.
BUT... tonight was a special night as it was Rick Davies' 1000th gig with Supertramp
Frenchies even stood up in the pit before the Encore, a fuckin' miracle.
And.... just before "School" we had a song that they don't play very often " Don't you lie to me" (Here on video) which is a cover.
Even Rick said a few words which is a Premiere
Good gig overall
Maybe their last show in a long time as it was the last show of the Tour.

GoodBye to ya all !

Merchandising and usb key

Pass sheet

A gem " Don't you lie to me":

Cool !