Wednesday, October 6, 2010

N-E-R-D + Mark Ronson @ Zénith, Paris Oct 5th 2010

N-E-R-D + Mark Ronson + Boy George + some other shit
@ Zénith, Paris Oct 5 2010

Yesterday we went to see N-E-R-D @ L'Album de la Semaine and we were less than impress by their short set ( 7 songs) so we decided to see them in real LIVE conditions , in front of 5000 people @ Zénith.
This was a free show, well not completely free as you had to work 4 hours for charity to get a ticket for the show.
Which is a very good initiative. Different audience tonight as there are only teenage black & arabs from the suburbs ( our down-towns) with lots of very beautiful mixed-race girls.
We just arrived on time to see the last 3 songs of Mark Ronson with his special guest Boy George on vocals, needless to tell you that it was complete crap with or without Mr George.

Then we had some shitty DJ, then a surprise guest called Soprano for 3-4 songs, complete crap once again.Never heard that name before but the kids loved him
Then another surprise guest for a couple of songs, couldn't get his name but it was even more shitty than the previous one.
Some more DJ in order to get the stage ready for headliners N-E-R-D.
This time the singers ( all three of them) are all dressed in white, they've played some new songs and some others unfortunately they didn't play any from " Fly or Die" which is a great record and my favorite.
Once again very short set they were on for just 30 min playing 6-7 songs, it was more lively than yesterday thanks to a dedicated audience but once again I was a bit disappointed.
It was one of these nights when you wish you had stay at home.