Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peace One day fest. with Patti Smith, M, Ayo, Charlie Winston & Jude Law @ Zénith Paris Sept 17 2010 10:00 PM

-M- + Ayo , Patti Smith, Jude Law & Charlie Winston @ Peace One Day
Zénith Paris Sept 17 2010 10:00PM

Nina Hagen's concert ended very early so we went to the nearby Trabendo to catch the end of Interpol, unfortunately I didn't know the guys from security so they didn't let us in so we went to the nearby Zénith... to catch the end of the Peace One Day fest.

The guy on the guest list is cool and is giving us 4 tix ( he has dozens and dozens of tix that no one picked up).
The bill was really crap, some second rate artist ( to us :Youssou N'Dour, Yodelice, Vanessa Paradis) apart from Patti Smith, the kind of artist very popular in France.
The place is half empty (???), the Zénith is a 6500 capacity concert hall, there's probably 2000 people , black curtains in the back and seats in the pit.
We arrived just as -M- (aka Mathieu Chedid) is playing with Ayo , long jam, a bit boring and then Ayo is playing a new song to be out on her next album ( boring again).

We're very lucky Patti Smith is playing now, she's the one we came for.
Very good 4-5 songs set on acoustic ( Lenny Kay on guitar) with "Because the night", here on video, a couple of other songs including "Pissing in a river" (click for video) and " People have the power" (click for video)with -M- on guitar (see Pics).

Great set

"Because the night":

Bruce out of shot.

Jude Law ( for the ladies) is talking about this "Peace One day" organized by a Bob Geldof wannabe.

Charlie Winston is the headlining act, he's VERY popular in France thanks to a couple of hits singles.6-7 songs set
He and Jude Law are going into the pit to have a walk around the place to the ladies delight.
He's later joined on guitar by -M-, a choir of 20 teenage girls is also joining him for a few songs.

Last song is a song he wrote specially for this Peace One day ( simple melody and lousy lyrics).
Average music but enjoyable though.

Great to see Patti Smith even for just 4 songs.

The same festival took place last year with kasabian, Keziah Jones,Ayo, Charlie Winston, Olivia Ruiz & Lenny Kravitz @ Grand Rex ( click for Pics & videos)