Tuesday, June 1, 2010

John Densmore (The Doors) @ Premiere of " When you're strange" @ MK2 Gambetta, Paris June 1 2010 8:00PM

John Densmore @ MK2 Gambetta
Premiere of " When you're strange"
Paris June 1st 2010

Nooooooooo !

Last minute addition to ROCKERPARIS, sorry we were supposed to go @ the nearby Cité de la Musique to see AIR & Au Revoir Simone but could secure invit' this morning for the second Premiere of The Doors Documentary "When you're Strange".
John was yesterday night at UGC in Les Halles to do the same thing as today (click for review & Pics).

Waiting for the sun (left)

Lots of people again but much more press than yesterday, he gave a few interviews first then there was a short "photo call" with Director Tom Dicillo.

John & Director Tom Dicillo

They both went into the hall to introduce the documentary, same shit as yesterday, John told us exactly the same story.
He was out 4 minutes later. Maybe they should have done a Question & Answer with the audience.
He gave a couple more interviews in the lobby and went to a second smaller hall, this time there were fans, you could feel it by how he was welcome.
Same shit again, 4 minutes later they were out.

SORRY for the shitty sound, I Know I have to fix it.
Cool evening with a legendary drummer

Tomorrow we're attending the recording of Canal+ TV show La Musicale with Morcheeba, Scissor Sisters & others...