Tuesday, June 1, 2010

John Densmore (The Doors) @ Premiere of " When you're strange" @ Ciné Cité Forum des Halles, Paris May 31 2010

John Densmore @ Ciné Cité Forum des Halles, Paris
May 31 2010

Billboard in Nation (left), Poster for the Premiere (right)
The new The Doors documentary " When you're Strange" is out next week in France ( June 9th) & tonight John Densmore , the drummer from The Doors is back in Paris for the Premiere.
He was already here last month to do interviews for the press.
Usually there' is a short interview with a MC and then with the audience, NOT this time.
John is here to tell a short story ( How Jim wrote the lyrics to"People are strange" ).
And then He made a quick exit barely saying goodbye to the sold-out audience.
Cool, it only lasted no more than 3 minutes.

Musicians from the 60's are always dressed with funny colours

Thanks John ;-)

ps: no need to tell you that this documentary is a MUST see.